Victory for Villanova on Multiple Fronts

If you win a national title and no one can get to your webpage, does it count?

Congratulations to the Villanova Wildcats for another great win in the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament! The victory last night shines a great spotlight on the team as well as the entire University.

Villanova homepage

ICF Olson has worked with Villanova for the last five years hosting and managing their Adobe Experience Manager platform in Amazon Web Services (AWS).  As a Partner, we are able to see the direct impact of the NCAA tournament on Villanova's website traffic.  Prior to the tournament, was averaging fewer than 45,000 website requests every 15 minutes.  During the Championship game last night, the requests spiked to over 1 Million per 15 minutes.

web traffic graph

ICF Olson helps Villanova plan for winning the Big Dance by ensuring that the capacity of the infrastructure is able to handle the increase in traffic.  By utilizing AWS, we were able to temporarily add compute power to their environment quickly and at a low cost.  Last night we were also closely monitoring the environment to ensure a stable site so that the Villanova University team could focus on their one shining moment.

With this the second NCAA Men's Basketball Championship in three years for Villanova, I think it's safe to say that both Nova and ICF Olson are well prepared to make this a recurring phenomenon.