Technology is Driving Customer Experience at Adobe Summit 2017

A look at what's to come from Adobe

This week we are in Las Vegas to be part of Adobe Summit for three full days of digital marketing, trends, insights, lots of education, and new solutions.  Oh, and we get to hear from Peyton Manning, Kate McKinnon and see One Republic and Death Cab for Cutie.  It’s going to be a great week!  10,000+ digital marketing attendees soaking it all in together.  

 Adobe’s mantra for 2017 is that we all need to become an “Experience Business.”  And they are right.  We are all in the business of creating experiences.  For ICF Olson, we do this with a foundation in empathy.  It drives how we approach problems for our clients and how we deliver strategies, innovations, solutions, and create experiences.  We like to say we Think like people®.  

Adobe Experience Manager 6.3

Content management is going through its own transformation as the need for content isn’t just on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone anymore.  Content is an important part of the experiences that are being built by marketers today and Adobe is responding with their latest version of Adobe Experience Manager. Taking content and using it in the exact moment, in a multi-channel and omni-channel way is what Adobe calls ‘fluid experiences’.  The feature that is going to come to light at Summit to power ‘fluid experiences’ will be Content Fragments.  It is going to change how we think about content, content management, and content creation.

Adobe Sensei

When it comes to artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is a major part of the future of marketing.  IBM has Watson.  Salesforce has Einstein.  Adobe has introduced Sensei last November and has integrated it into their entire set of Cloud products -- Creative, Document and Marketing.  This week we get to learn more how they have integrated Sensei into the Marketing Cloud.  

According to Adobe, Sensei “brings together two unique Adobe capabilities combined with the latest technology advancements in AI, machine learning, deep learning and related fields.”

Those two unique capabilities are the massive volume of content and data, and a deep understanding of how customers work.  Being a cloud solution, they are able to capture so much data about the users of their products.  By anonymizing the data, they can get trends, build segments, and understand context that should lead to intelligence that delivers unique and personal experiences.  

There will certainly be other product announcements, great case studies of how organizations are using the Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Adobe’s effort to create a great experience for attendees with celebrity presenters, an interactive Community Pavilion, and The Bash.  

We will be there to talk about creating amazing digital experiences with attendees as well as sharing how ICF Olson partnered with Zebra Technologies to deliver a digital asset management system built on Adobe Assets to enable their marketing, sales, and web teams to manage assets and integrate with all systems across their enterprise.