Introducing...Innovation Challenge 3.0

What's to come from Toronto's Innovation Challenge 2015

Each year, the staff at Olson Canada dedicate 10% of their time to an Innovation Challenge, where they explore emerging technologies and find a way to put them to use in the marketplace.

In the past, we have developed working prototypes using technologies such as the Google Glass, beacons, wearables, and big data. With our third Innovation Challenge kicking off this week, we wanted to share the topics that our teams will be exploring this year!


Drone Modding

Like drones? Interested in using drones to do some pretty awesome stuff? If so, this would be your team. We’re going to be using drone technology, along with image recognition (or other sensors), to perform a unique measurement task. It could be anything, from performing a geological survey to measuring the dimensions of a rooftop for solar panel installation. The sky’s the limit (literally and metaphorically).


Wearables for Disability

The opportunity to create a product that truly helps people doesn’t come around too often. This team will be using wearable technology to help kids and adults with intellectual disabilities (Autism, Asperger’s, Down Syndrome). Our goal? To build something new that addresses the growing issue of wandering, and to help prevent incidents such as traffic accidents, drowning, and police brutality.


Machine Learning and Personalization

What happens when you mix human behaviour, machine learning, and predictive analytics? You get this team. On a high level, we’ll be using these things to find ways to make peoples’ lives easier and better. It could be an application that improves the customer experience in stores and online, or a completely new way to enrich the ways we are entertained.


Internet of Things and Logistics

Waiting sucks. You know it. We know it. Let’s try to eliminate it. How? By exploring the use of sensors and connected devices in the realm of customer service, logistics, and operations. With your help, we can make trips to the ER, airport security checkpoints, and lineups at the grocery store a lot more bearable.


Multi-Sensory and Experiential Gaming

Gamers, we’re looking at you. Bring your brains and swollen thumbs, and help us create a unique, one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Together we’ll explore ways to develop immersive environments through the use of sound and touch. The end-result could be a next-level escape game, or a tool that helps visually-impaired users interact with the world around them. Who knows?

For more information on our Innovation Challenge, check out these videos!


This post is the first in a series. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into each topic, and address why we think it is important to explore.